Shankar Temple Shrivardhan, Somaja Devi Temple Shrivardhan, Konkan Darshan, Yogeshwari Temple Shrivardhan, Mumbai, India






• 2 Bed room/3 Bed room/ 4 Bed room Suits with AC
• Tasty Breakfast for groups
• Special Konkani delicious Food available ( Prior Intimation Necessary)

• Attached bathroom with hot water
• Generator
• Separate bathroom/toilet for Driver
• Beach - Walking distance 10 min. By Car 4 Minutes
• Car parking facility
• Play area for children

Check-in: 11:00 am Check-out time : 10:00 am

Special Services

• Back Water Safari In Bankot Creek • For Group Sea Ride of 3 hours with Lunch / Dinner

Places to visit

Shrivardhan Beach
History of Shrivardhan for over 200 years is decorated with magnificent tales of Maratha warriors and their hunting efforts to preserve the “Hindavi-Swaraj”. The renowned Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath was born here and was later preferred as the First Peshwa by the Maratha Ruler Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj. The Peshwa’s continued to rule the Maratha kingdom on behalf of the kings for over a century till the British overcame them.

Shrivardhan has a nice atmosphere with unpolluted air and a blue sea. The beach is a clean beach and a nice place to spend an evenings watching the sunset. Shrivardhan is a sleepy town a about 165 kms from Pune. It is very beautiful as is the case of most of the Konkan beaches. A vacation in Shrivardhan and for that matter

If we talk about Gods and Temples can miracles be left behind. Enter the exceptional Somaja Devi Mandir (Temple) where despite of the unbelievable claim of "Venom Neutralisation" it is pretty common to see serpentine queues of snake bite victims requesting the Goddess to extract the venom from them body and heal them. Tall claims, one may think but the confidence, faith and conviction with which the victims pray and undertake the arduous Pradakshinaas/ Dandvat (Circumventing the temple lying flat on stomach) is to be seen to be believed. There are stories abound of how patients rejected by pronounced Doctors have been miraculously cured by the blessings of Goddess Somaja.

Amcient Shiv-Mandir
The route to spiritualism goes through many doors and as we leave the Somaja Devi Temple we encounter the Shankar Temple. This ancient Mahadev (Shankar) Mandir is devoted to Lord Shiva and his Goddess wife Parvati.
The temple bores an ancient look and is believed to be as old as Srivardhan. The royal Bull Nandi guards his master inside by blocking the entrance to the temple. The idols of the Lord, his wife Parvati and Nandi the bull are wonderfully lifelike.

It is believed that anybody fasting and praying for all the 4 consecutive Mondays during Shravan Month (Hindu Calendar Month) would be blessed by the Godly couple and would have the fortune of even witnessing them in flesh and blood. The temple is primeval of Pandav era.

In South of Shrivardhan

One of the best features of this place is that it combines your religious and rejuvenating trip at the same time – that is, this place is known for its temple along the seashore. It also boasts of silent and clean beaches with shallow waters. The temple is situated near these hills and it consists of idols of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Maheshwara. It was in the 16th century that these temples were constructed. It also consists of idol of Goddess Parvati. There are other temples in the vicinity too. These temples are of Shri Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari.

Kalbhairav Temple
It is one of the ancient renowned temples in Maharashtra. The main deity enshrines the temple is Lord Shiva. Kalabhairava, a lord of all manthrasastras, is also placed as one of the idols. Legends associated with the temple say that Lord Shiva created Kalabhairava and blessed him with all manthras.

Yogeshwari Temple
The architectural style of the temple is attractive. Temple Yogeshwari known as Dakshin Kashi is located in the premises. In most of the special occasions like Mahashivarathri, one can view long queues for Darshan. Cool breeze from the Harihareshwar beach makes the temple premises a nice place to relax as well.